Haiku Deck, if you agree that bullet points are evil

Recently, a number of books have been published that aim to improve the quality of your presentations: Beyond Bullet Points, Presentation Zen, Slide:ology and Resonate.

Unfortunately, presentation software hasn’t really improved to help you create presentations in the way suggested by these books. Their core functionality is stil focussed on writing bullet points and presenting these to your audience.

Haiku Deck is the first presentation software I’ve seen that is really focussed on helping you create visual support for your presentation. Slides consist of a title, maybe some supporting text, but most importantly, an image to illustrate the point your are trying to make. Image searching is integrated into the application.

So, if you like the ideas in Beyond Bullet Points, Presentation Zen and Slide:ology, you’ll probably love Haiku Deck.

Here’s a wishlist presentation i created using Haiku Deck.

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