LAC2011 presentation: Scrum under Architecture

My LAC-2011 presentation Scrum under Architecture is now available on speakerdeck.

Since it contains mainly images, some notes might be useful:

  • Scrum isn’t something by software developers, for software developers
  • Scrum is a tool enabling management of product development by product managers
  • There are two types of projects: those implementing known solutions, and those looking for a solution for a problem
  • You can manage the first type of projects in the traditional way: requirements, time, resources are known and minimal change should be managed
  • The second type cannot be managed this way: you don’t know what the best solution will look like
  • Agile project management is about getting the best solution within available time and resources
  • Many companies struggle to scale agile: how to you go beyond one team?
  • Architecture enables you to scale agile
  • Agile Architecture is not just about doing short iterative architecture
  • Agile Architecture should enable you to work with small independent customers focussed teams
  • This needs to be enabled by technical architecture but also by organisational architecture
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