On these Windows Explorer usage statistics

Microsoft posted some windows explorer statistics. Lots of detail about how people are using explorer.

Based on these statistics they are making conclusions what users find important, and what should thus be improved in windows explorer.

But do these numbers really show what people find important? As far as I’m concerned these numbers just show what people find usable in the current version of windows explorer, not what they would like to use it for.

I change my habits based on the qualities of the tooling I use. For example, the kind of drawings i made with Adobe Illustrator are different from the ones I make with Inkscape or with iDraw on the iPad.

I don’t want to fight a tool, forcing it to do something it doesn’t really support very easily. I just figure out what the tool is best used for, and change my usage accordingly. Inkscape doesn’t easily support customised brushes, so i don’t use them. But in Illustrator i used them a lot.

Usage statistics don’t tell the whole story.

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