Client-Server 2.0 using JQuery and Grails

Last week gave a presentation on JQuery and Grails for a group of java freelancers called Java-Knights. In this presentation i demonstrated that it’s not only possible to build single page web applications using JQuery and Grails, but that it’s also very productive and easy.

I’ve uploaded the presentation to slideshare in case anybody is interested. There’s not much text on the slides, so they might not be very useful, but i’ll be doing the same presentation during JFall on november 12th: Waarom renderen we de view laag eigenlijk nog op de server?.

Ajax with jquery and grails from Andrej Koelewijn

More info on client-server 2.0 can be found on the IT-eye weblog: What is Client-Server 2.0

Btw, although i like grails very much as a way to implement REST services, i do think that in the future i more dedicated SOA container might be usefull. For example, something like ServiceMix kernel combined with Apache Camel. But i haven’t found a way to create REST-services in ServiceMix that is as easy as doing it with Grails.

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