Infoglue version 2.0

A new version of Infoglue, version 2.0, has been released today. Infoglue is written in Java, using webwork and velocity and it’s the CMS used for the IT-eye website. We use Infoglue internally, but publish the webpages as static html, as we don’t need a dynamic CMS for our mostly static pages. We are still using version 1.2. Version 1.3 already contained some big improvements, and version 2.0 even more. We didn’t upgrade to version 1.2 though, due to some irritating bugs. We had big problems editing forms, but the issue seems to be solved now.

I’m pretty happy with Infoglue, even at version 1.2. Initially infoglue only supported velocity templates, but jsp support has been added. In version 2.0 a lot taglibs have been added to improve jsp templating. Don’t know why though, i actually prefer the velocity templates. Also added in version 2.0 is support for JSR-168, the java portlet standard. Infoglue is an object based CMS, which means you can easily add new content types. It’s also pretty easy to reuse content on different pages and in different forms.

The infoglue website could use an update. The info in some places is really outdated. The url for viewcvs do not link to the version 2.0 sources, and the roadmap lists version 1.2 as planned for januari 2004…