NY Times on the tablet: media convergence

A lot has been written about tablets, iTablet, iSlate, etc, but most focus on if we need one (we’ll find a need), what name it will have (who cares) and what specs it will have (every year a bit better). Only a few articles seem to focus on the bigger picture. Today’s New York Time has an interesting article called A Savior in the Form of a Tablet:

Mr. Shafer suggested that a tablet displaying a souped-up version of Sports Illustrated is really just competing with television, not enhancing print.

David Carr comes to the same conclusion i did earlier: tablets will cause the different media to merge.

Does this mean that soon we’ll expect to be able to deep link into magazines, books and movies?

Update: Another article on the impact of tablets on media:

I truly believe that we could be on the verge of an important turning point for the way we get and use all sorts of media.

Update: And another article on media convergence which ironically doesn’t mention the tablet explicitly: A Second Stab at Convergence:

The next frontier may be the convergence of mobile phones and other hand-held devices with televisions and computers.

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