Apple iPhone Day

Today is the big day that people will be able to buy the Apple iPhone. Unfortunately, people in Europe will have to wait a couple more months. So what’s this got to do with Oracle or Java? Not much. But one thing people have complained about regarding the iPhone is that you can’t install applications on it. The iPhone will come with a full Ajax compatible browser, Safari, and if you want to deliver applications to the iPhone you’ll need to create a web application. People developing with ADF Faces may have an advantage here, as ADF Faces has a render kit for PDA’s. iPhone Safari should be able to render any website, but you’ll still need to consider the small screen, and the bandwidth limits. So a render kit which does this for you might save you time.

With the iPhone Apple is getting into a very crowded market, with a lot less freedom to execute than in the pc market. Apple will have to make deals with telecom providers. But i think even from a pc vendor perspective making mobile phones is inevitable. In a couple of years mobile phones will be powerful enough to replace laptops for most common computing usages. You won’t need a separate laptop. You walk around with your mobile phone, in the office or at home you put it in a docking station, attach a keyboard and a bigger display, and you have all the computing power you need. But this will only work if you can install applications on it or if you can remotely run applications on it, for example using remote desktop, some sort of remove vmware ace.

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